Are you considering an electronic MARs solution for your home?

Electronic Medication Management or eMAR technology is going to change the way we prepare for and record the outcomes of a medication round within a care setting.

Our eMAR partner is an innovator in the health and care sector and leads the way with technology aimed at reducing errors and vastly improving patient outcomes.

Developed with the security of system, ease of use and cost to our homes in mind, features include:-

  • Android and Web based application
  • Intuitive user interface
  • User log ins for each Nurse/Carer
  • Stock management
  • Resident medication profiles
  • Colour coded drug rounds
  • PRN section
  • Notes for PRN administration
  • INR results management
  • Body patch management
  • Controlled Drug witness
  • General notes section
  • Clinical warnings at the point of administration
  • Live charts print back up
  • Web interface for reporting
  • Online medication re-ordering
  • GP re-order charts